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Rescue Buddies™ Workshop Ties in With Sallie Mae’s Message

Our charity workshops give meaning on so many levels- it’s great when we can link our message to that of our client’s.  That’s what we were able to do for a group from Sallie Mae, who were gathered for their annual sales meeting.

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“How can we work together to create a successful year?”

Sallies Mae’s theme for the conference asked a question, and our Rescue Buddies™ Stuffed Animal Workshop answered.  Sharing information, putting forth our best communication skills, and displaying trust and patience are all common themes in our team building workshops.

To tie in those themes for Sallie Mae, we simply focused on creating a micro-culture of trust during the workshop itself.  For Sallie Mae, providing excellent customer service is one way of defining success.  For the Rescue Buddies™ activities, we worked on skills that would help each participant do his or her job better.


3 Days to Prepare for the New Season

Sallie Mae holds its annual sales meeting to gear up for the new year.  They met at the FireSky Resort & Spa in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona for team building and to get ready for 2016 and a whole new crop of student loans to handle.

3 days of conferences, meetings, talking about their product, and discussing their services… all with the end goal of improving on customer service.  In a business like theirs, it’s important to communicate well and to know how to deal with all kinds of personalities while you keep tabs on huge amounts of data, regulations, and deadlines.  It’s not an easy job!


How are you creating a culture of trust?

To create our super-supportive atmosphere of trust and cooperation, we started out with some team building ice breakers.  It helps to get everyone on the same level, speaking the same language… one of cooperation and togetherness.

For this group, ice breakers served a secondary purpose: they were from all corners of the country and didn’t know one another very well.  Ice breakers help make everyone feel comfortable before they dig into the collaborative exercises we have in store for them during the Rescue Buddies™ charity workshop.


A diverse group finds common ground with bears.

After earning their animal parts and stuffing their bears, the Sallie Mae group got to present their completed Rescue Buddies™ to the receiving charity: the Ronald McDonald House.

The Ronald McDonald House will hand out bears to kids who come to stay with them.  In case you didn’t know, the RMH offers a place to live for families who must travel for their children’s medical care.  It’s a great service and they have houses in almost every city.