Place IQ

Place IQ in Long Beach Grows Fast, Builds Bikes to Celebrate

Big data is apparently a good field to be in, if you ask anyone at Place IQ.  Their company has experienced tremendous growth, and this past Spring they met in Long Beach to celebrate and also to ensure the future stays bright for this up-and-coming company.

Place IQWe were proud to help them out with a Bike-A-Thon™ team building workshop.  After a full day of meetings, it was a welcome relief for everyone to get their hands on some tools and bike parts and go to it.

  1. Bikes went to Hempstead Boys and Girls Club

    Participants in this workshops were from all over the country, so the workshop was also a great networking opportunity for everyone involved.  Place IQ has offices in Chicago, Detroit, Silicon Valley and near Bryant Park in Manhattan.

    We happened to meet a distance away from their offices near Bryant Park, so it was fitting that the charitable organization was from the local neighborhood around our meeting location in Long Beach.

    The Hempstead Boys and Girls Club was thrilled to accept the bikes, which would go to middle school kids in their program.  Very often bicycle team building workshops give small bikes to kids in elementary school but this group was different and assembled larger bikes for larger kids.

  2. Continuing the Momentum

    Place IQ has worked hard to grow their company, and the results have been fantastic for this tech startup.  Their meeting here at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach was about keeping that momentum going.

    Our Bike-A-Thon™ team building workshop occurred smack in the middle of two days of meetings for the Place IQ group, so we knew we’d better do our part to keep that momentum going ourselves!

    Accordingly, our instructor worked that momentum theme into the workshop.  He pulled it off brilliantly, and the participants appreciated that special touch from the facilitator.  

  3. Pace IQ didn’t just build bikes…

    After ice breakers, bikes were built but before the charity arrived there was an additional team-building step that got everyone motivated to do a better job at making their donations a bit more personal.

    We had them decorate those bikes for the kids, thereby letting the kids know that people really did care about them, even if they were strangers.  Then, bike presentations were made to “judges” so the pressure was on!

    In the end, the Place IQ participants had another reason to celebrate.  They’d pulled together and built some useful donations for a great bunch of kids, and had a great time doing it.