PepsiCo Chooses Team Building Activities for Charity

PepsiCo employees joined Charity Team Building Events for some team building activities for charity this August.

Traveling from five different states, this supply planning group met at the Renaissance Sea World in Orlando, Florida.  Since their main mission was to give to charity and work on team building, the Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop provided the perfect set of activities for a day of fun and learning.

Participants who barely knew each other were laughing together within minutes of completing icebreaker activities.

The 25 participants were far-flung colleagues who met once a year for an intense 2-day meeting. Talk about a teamwork challenge!  But things got off to a good start with well-designed icebreaker activities like “Air Counting” and “Have you ever…”.  A highlight question of this activity was “Have you ever driven over 110 mph?”

PepsiCo Chooses Team Building Activities for CharityFacilitators know whether a group needs just a single icebreaker or several. The point of icebreakers is to get groups to lower their barriers.  When that happens, it’s finally time for the real “work” to begin.

The team building activities for charity included working with limited supplies.

One challenge which faces just about every work group is the need to achieve goals when resources are limited.  How will the group cope?  Who will decide how to proceed?  How will each bring his or her individual strengths to the table to solve the problems at hand?

One of the great things about our 30-second commercial activity is that it addresses these issues in a fun and non-threatening way.  For this, groups chose a leader and teams chose names.  Groups then created items from a limited amount of craft supplies and created a 30 second commercial to “sell” their item.

The teams shared more than laughs while participating in this activity. Here, every individual used some form of strength/talent while participating in the activity.

Leaders led their teams through interactive activities in order to earn Rescue Buddies parts.

Once the teams were comfortable and once they’d discovered each member’s strengths and weaknesses during the lead-up activities, it was time to get down to business with a little friendly competition.  This was also where the team building activities for charity all came together for the final goal: assembling Rescue Buddies to donate to the Osceola County Sherriff’s Office.

Once each team had earned its parts and assembled the stuffed animals, the representative from the Sherriff’s Office was there to accept the donations.  He also told a very heartwarming story:

A day car van rolled over on a busy road and several children were injured. He arrived before the ambulance and only had four knit bears in his vehicle. He asked four children who were crying to “hold his bear friend” while he attended to medical needs while awaiting the rescue workers.  It brought to life the connection the PepsiCo participants were making with their neighborhood in a real and positive way.  James gladly stayed for photos.

After the donation ceremony, participants strolled over to the open bar, which they had ignored until then because they were so busy having fun with their engaging team building activities for charity!