Osborne Events Bike-A-Thon™ Helps Brighten Lives of Local Elementary School Kids

Osborne EventsWe felt only a little pressure as we planned a charity team building workshop for a boutique event planning company! Thankfully, the folks from Osborne Events were easy to work with, and they were really excited for the Bike-A-Thon, held offsite at the local Stone Tower Winery.

Working Hard in Leesburg, VA

The company spends a lot of time working on their clients’ needs, so this was a nice opportunity for them to spend some time working on their own workplace dynamic. People arrived happy and ready to join in the day’s activities .

Intertwined with the Bike-A-Thonwas a pop-up photo contest using Polaroid cameras distributed on-the-spot. It gave folks a chance to express themselves and further connect on a new level outside the traditional workplace avenues. Customizing workshops makes them memorable and meaningful for our clients, and we are always happy to do it.

Learning Through Fun with a Bike­-A-Thon™

There were about 45 participants in the Bike-A-Thon. We arranged everyone in seven teams and then charged them with a series of games and challenges designed to push their teamwork skills. People responded really well! It was a real plus that members of this group already worked together regularly, so there were no ice-breakers needed; people already worked well together. We sought to take their skills and abilities to the next level.

Activities focused on core skills like communication, problem­ solving, delegation, and decision-making. There was a lot of laughing and cheering as teams earned bicycle parts and started putting bikes together as a team. With the little bit of time we had left over, teams then had the chance to decorate the bike they worked on.

Osborne Events Helps Local Kids

The completed bicycles were to be donated to the children of Houston Elementary School in nearby Washington, D.C. As a special surprise, Darryl Webster, a guidance counselor at the school, arrived to accept the donated bikes. He was an engaging speaker who shared some powerful stories of children who were experiencing less-than-ideal childhoods.

People were moved when they learned that many of the kids at this school suffered from PTSD.

Darryl shared his own similar experience, and people were buoyed by seeing just how successful these kids could be in overcoming the challenges of their upbringing. As we helped load the bicycles for delivery, we heard nothing but positive