Only the Best Team Development Activities for Exterran

“Together towards tomorrow.” This was the theme of Exterran’s annual global leadership meeting. And that’s why they invited Magnovo to be a part of it. Our reputation for dynamic team development activities guaranteed they’d reach their goal.

Exterran is a forerunner in oil and gas production equipment, water treatment solutions, natural gas compression, power generation, and engineering.

As heavyweights in the energy industry, their annual meeting had a pretty heavy agenda as well. Each of our team development activities mirrored their theme and their core values:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Courage  
  • Curiosity

Team development activities with integrity

Corporate social responsibility is of particular importance to Exterran. This company believes in doing the right thing even when nobody’s looking! When they launched their Exterran Cares program they targeted children’s healthcare and educational needs.

They wanted all of our training exercises to reflect their core values. And they were particularly eager for their charitable gift to benefit children and youth. So out of all of our charitable workshops, Rescue Buddies ticked all of these boxes.

In 2017,  there were more than 6,000 victims of child abuse and neglect in the San Antonio Texas region. Thanks to our Rescue Buddies program, their police officers and other first responders now greet these terrorized kids with a lifeline to cling to.

Rescue Buddies are cuddly stuffed bears, and birds, and mooses, and fishes. Our workshop participants assemble them with love and stuff them with kindness. The toys are stashed in squad cars, “safe houses,” shelters, and fire trucks awaiting the arms of a frightened child who desperately needs a new buddy.

Team development activities with a mission

We met 130 Exterran staff members at the San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk Hotel. While making the toys, they worked together using some of the leadership and communications skills we’d reviewed earlier.

Payday came after a lot of team building exercises and professional development training. But it didn’t come in the form of a check. That big moment came when we handed off our 130 Rescue Buddies to the San Antonio Children’s Shelter.

Since 1901, the Children’s Shelter has been a sanctuary for abused, neglected, and abandoned children in the community. The Exterran staffers were as emotionally overwhelmed as the Shelter reps when they received our donations.

Team development activities: mission accomplished

According to the feedback, we definitely ticked all of our client’s boxes:

  • “One of the best workshops!”
  • “Rob did an outstanding job discussing key leadership traits and collaboration versus competition. Great takeaways regarding risk versus reward decisions.”
  • “….. He linked the workshop to our Exterran core values and fun team-building exercises around these topics.”
  • “We really appreciated and enjoyed your leadership and workshop, Rob.”

Mission accomplished, indeed.