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OneWeb Satellite Builds A Team – and Bikes for Kids – in Miami

OneWeb Satellite had a group of business executives who were in Miami for work on a new start-up. These clients also wanted to find a way to give back to the city where they’ve found so much success. And we were ready with our popular Bike-A-Thon. The day we met with this group at the JW Marriott Marquis in Miami was warm and sunny, just like this group’s outlook!

OneWeb SatelliteA Small but Mighty Bike-A-Thon

This charity team building event is scalable for a group of any size; the seven executives we worked with were as energetic as any group we’ve ever seen. After several rounds of meetings and planning sessions, folks were definitely ready to turn their attention to something a little more relaxing.

We split the group into two teams. Although the numbers weren’t quite even, all of our games were team efforts, so it still worked out well, and everyone was a good sport about it. Each team received some bicycle parts and then competed against each other for more. There was also a little competition to earn the tools needed for assembly!

We played games like Card Tower and Flip N Catch, which are popular with most groups. These executives had fun, and worked hard, too! It was a chance for them to flex their adaptability, ingenuity, and ability to work together in a hands-on way. Each team completed several bicycles for donation. It was a pretty impressive feat, considering there were only seven participants!

Small Measures Change Lives in Miami, FL

Once the assembly of the bicycles was completed, we surprised the group by arranging for Crissy Hoffman, a representative of the Greater Hollywood YMCA Family Center, to come by and accept the donation. She shared several stories of the kids and families who use the YMCA, who would really see a positive impact as a result of new bicycles for the children.

As many of the participants were parents, the knowledge that they helped kids just like they’re own clearly affected them. They asked a lot of questions of Ms. Hoffman, and were very engaged in learning more about the work and programs of the YMCA. It was a rewarding day, professionally and personally, for all who attended, and we were honored to be a part of making it happen.