What are the Objectives of Team Building

What are the Objectives of Team Building?

Every manager wants a strong team but few have really clarified the real objectives of team building.  See how your goals compare with those of Facebook Boston.

What are the Objectives of Team Building


What are your goals when you book a team building workshop?

Goals for team builders vary from “doing-anything-but-work” to targeting specific workplace skills like collaboration.  Some groups book workshops because they’re suffering low morale in the office.  Others have a great thing going and want to keep it that way with ongoing team-strengthening challenges.

The Boston office of Facebook aims to form strong personal bonds among colleagues.  In fact, they believe that “being social” together is what makes them a successful company.  For them, team building means getting to know one another within the context of non-work life.

That’s why they regularly schedule bowling night together, or boxing together at the local gym.  They focus on family-friendly activities where everyone gets to know their co-workers’ families.  The aim?  So they can all bring their kids into the office says Ryan Mack, head of the Boston office.

While your company may not be a social networking company like Facebook, the same principle probably rings true for you.  The objectives of Boston team building are basically the same whether you’re Facebook, The North Face, or North Adams Accounting Group.

When it comes down to it, what we want for our teams is that every team member feels free to speak up, be understood, and be recognized.


Team building objectives vary, but it’s always about making connections.

When office mates form strong connections, they communicate better, collaborate better, and the productivity meter shoots ever upwards as a result.  There’s an entire spectrum of types of “connections” to be made, however… not every workplace gets as “chummy” as Facebook Boston.

But no matter how formal an office may be, teams always work better when team members understand each other better.  That can mean understanding personality styles better to improve communication.


DiSC® Personality Styles isn’t “super chummy” like Facebook Boston’s events, but the goals are basically the same.

Our DiSC® Personality Styles workshop is based on the same underlying principle as Facebook Boston’s super-chummy drive to “get personal” at work.  The two techniques might be at opposite ends of the spectrum but the goal is the same: understand one another better so everyone can more easily work together and be more productive.

While your office may not be scheduling boxing night any time soon, it’s nice to know everyone is pretty much on the same page when it comes to team building objectives: better bonds that lead to great communication and skyrocketing productivity.