Novartis Uses Team Building Event to Help Hurricane Victims

As a healthcare company, The Arc of Greater Houston remains focused on ways to help others live better lives, and their team building event benefiting hurricane victims allowed them to find new purpose in their leadership positions.

The Competition Where Everyone’s a Winner

As a healthcare company focused on cardiovascular health the leaders of Novartis already knew what it meant to use their talents for others’ well being. However, our Mission Hurricane Relief event opened their eyes to other ways to care for others’ needs.

We met on a brisk yet sunny morning on the Novartis campus. The team building event was to be part of an action-packed day for 65 leaders. After a long morning of meetings followed by lunch, groups usually come back from a break somewhat lethargic and unmotivated. But this group set the exception, seeming more energized than ever to use their big hearts to show some love to Houston area hurricane victims.

We brought a large supply of items to the event, which would be “won” by participants to put into care packages. The group split into smaller teams and competed against each other in a series of mini-games for a chance to win the care package items. The teams didn’t take their friendly competition lightly, as each team wanted to stuff their care packages to the brim. However, they also realized that no matter which team won the most items, all of the care packages would be going to those who needed them most.

Mission: Hurricane Relief for the Win

Despite being hundreds of miles away from the hurricane victims, Novartis wanted to use their leadership skills to set a good example, both in Hanover, NJ, and Houston.

They partnered with The Arc of Greater Houston, a nonprofit dedicated to helping children and adults with developmental and intellectual challenges, to deliver the care packages.

Through this event, leaders got the chance to learn more about each other and what their fellow team members bring to the table each day at Novartis. In the end, they were able to prove they not only know how to care for others’ hearts but also that they know how to use their own.