Mission: Military Care™ – are you ready to accept the challenge?

Many organizations (including ours) have a passion for supporting our military service men and women.

We are proud to offer an opportunity to build team communication skills while learning to work with limited resources to complete a successful mission.

We work with a number of organizations including Operation Gratitude and Operation Shoebox so your team’s mission provides care packages where there is the greatest need.

Change the way your team thinks about courage and innovation.

Mission Military Cares Child HugSuccess is about having the kind of courage that comes from a raw desire to make something happen that was not there before. If you have that, the rest tends to take care of itself.  In Mission: Military CareTM we’ll create a series of team building challenges that are much like your workplace.

Your team will learn that too much information creates tremendous clutter and that makes decision making even more difficult. In order to be successful they’ll have to sift through the chaos and clutter to identify what is important.

Create an experience that goes beyond the team building workshop itself to inspire a highly engaged team that embraces the idea of giving back to the community.

Given that less than 1% of our country has served in the military conflicts of the last decade, this is a time in America when it’s crucial to bridge the divide in our society between our civilian and military populations.

-Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz

NOTE: As an additional giveback, Charity Team Building Events Training Group will donate a percentage of the proceeds from your Mission: Military CareTM charity team building workshop to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Our soldiers have nobly fought to protect freedom since our country’s birth, and have fought to protect those that could not protect themselves, even in foreign lands when called upon.

-John Linder

Thank you Mission Military Care!

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Past Clients

My team was amazed at the practical information provided in your Campfire Leadership workshop – things they can use professionally and personally.
The most valuable part of the workshop was that the managers learned the different communication styles of their colleagues. You could see light bulbs going off throughout the day as people realized why interactions with their peers occurred the way they did.
The facilitator was able to keep things moving and with such a large group he was able to keep them engaged!
Yesterday was magical! It was also productive, fun, educational and interesting. You have a true talent with people; breaking down their initial discomfort and hesitation, and bringing them out of their inhibitions with laughter and excitement.
Kaiser Permanente



Charity Team Building is the answer to the demand for corporate social responsibility (CSR) among companies who also want to give back to their community and show they are good corporate neighbors as well as learn team building and soft skills during the workshops.