Microsoft’s Helping Kids While Easing Corporate Change Through Rescue Buddies

We headed back to Microsoft for another charity team building workshop in preparation for some high-level organizational change.

Long-term Relationships Build Trust in Stevenson, WA

Because we’ve worked with the company several times before, the company organizer places a great deal of confidence in our facilitators and vice versa. This workshop was held the morning after a big social event, and instead of slowing everyone down, it seemed to foster an even greater level of collaboration and creativity!  The folks at Skamania Lodge were ready for us, though; and the ballroom we used was set up exactly to specifications. There was plenty of room for the 140 participants to get comfortable and get to work.

Mixing it Up at Microsoft

The departments who were meeting for this summer event were about to undergo some pretty significant changes. Everyone’s participation and cooperation were going to be needed as a migration from one platform tool to another was coordinated. Our Rescue Buddies Charity Team Building Workshop was a chance to practice key team building skills while still helping area children in need.

For a twist, we organized teams by department instead of mixing it up. Microsoft ’s organizers hoped to emphasize introspection and self-reflection. It was hoped that folks would gain the skills needed to consider how their actions affected others in their department.

We had folks from creative departments, operations departments, and more. As the company underwent a major change from one system to another, interpersonal and communications skills would be critical to success.

The Rescue Buddies workshop included several games and activities designed to be fun while still encouraging hard work and self-discovery.

Rescue Buddies for Kids Unlimited

The stuffed animals created by the Microsoft employees were very welcomed by Michelle Hull from Kids Unlimited.  This nonprofit, located nearby in Medford, OR, assists kids who are socially and economically disadvantaged. Kids get extended day care year-round.

They can join in activities in the arts, sciences, and sports, or hands-on programs like gardening or robotics. Ms. Hull was really moved by the sheer number of Rescue Buddies that were completed. And many of the Microsoft employees were emotionally moved as well.

It was a really rewarding afternoon. The short debrief session we held at the end of the day made it clear that the activities and challenges resonated with participants. They felt well-prepared for change and proud to have helped local kids.