Magnovo Meets GasBuddy’s Team Challenges

Team challenges can bolster corporate team building and earn corporate social responsibility points at the same time. That’s what happened to GasBuddy at our recent Rescue Buddies Charity Workshop.

Next time you’re ready to gas up and go, think “GasBuddy”

American motorists cover more than 3 trillion miles annually, and GasBuddy makes a lot of those trips cheaper. Based in Boston, GasBuddy’s network of websites provides real-time gas prices at more than 150,000 gas stations across the country.

It started in 2000 with a small team of consumers sighting and posting cheap gas prices. Today the GasBuddy team alerts millions of motorists to the best gas prices in their area.

Team challenges that strengthen team bonds

Firefighters, crime fighters, social workers, and other first responders encounter terrified kids at crime scenes, fires, and other tragedies every day. Life for some of these kids will never be the same. First responders give our Rescue Buddies—bears, birds, fish, and other cuddly stuffed animals—to these children to help them cope. While they’re getting used to their “new normal,” our Rescue Buddies comfort and support them.

We met 50 members of the GasBuddy staff at their Boston headquarters to make 50 Rescue Buddies for Project Hope, a women’s shelter in the greater Boston area. Five teams engaged in a friendly competition for the bits and pieces they’d need to put each stuffed animal together. They assembled, stuffed, and sealed each toy to guarantee maximum hugability and minimum tear-ability.

At each stage of assembly, the team members use communications and collaborations skills to work together efficiently for the benefit of some very deserving kids. GasBuddy and our Rescue Buddies charitable team building workshop fit like hand-in-glove!

Team challenges that strengthen community bonds

Project Hope opened in 1981 and it has become an oasis for homeless women and their children for more than 3 decades. Their community suffers 42 percent poverty. Fifty percent lack a high school education and 61 percent are unemployed. Project Hope is a bridge to a new life—housing, education, job training, and referrals to emergency services.

According to their website, “Project Hope’s vision is rooted in the concept of transformation, the process through which women gain the tools, self–esteem and confidence necessary to take control of their lives and develop the courage to seek a better future for their children, despite the enormous challenges they face.”

Our fresh batch of  Rescue Buddies thrilled Project Hope!  The thought of 50 Boston kids meeting and greeting their new cuddly companions, warmed all of our hearts—the GasBuddy execs, the Project Hope staff, and our own workshop facilitators.