Magellan Health Care Becomes a Team in Creve Coeur Park

Outdoor Fun and Community Service with Magellan Health Care

This was a Mission: Military Care workshop we held for Magellan Health Care at Creve Coeur Park in St. Louis, Missouri. Mission: Military Care is one of our most popular charity workshops and the community goal this time was to assemble and donate 25 care packages to the Missouri USO.

The Missouri USO is a truly amazing group of people. They work diligently with families all over the world, making sure that each and every one of them has the support, care, and counsel they need to cope with the reality of their loved one’s military life.

magellan healthWe Had the Same End Goals as Magellan Healthcare Did

The Magellan Healthcare Management team had a specific set of goals they wanted to work on when we started planning their workshop. In addition to showing them a good time and doing some great community service, they also wanted us to work on their team’s collaborative problem-solving skills. That’s a very common goal in today’s ultra-competitive market, but it’s not something that happens all by itself.

We understand this all too well, especially the different “sub-goals” that make up true collaboration. A lot goes into the process of collaboration, and just like every other team, the Magellan folks needed work in other areas to reach their potential in this area.

That’s why the Magellan management team wanted a workshop that would enhance communication, teach better teamwork skills, and help everyone on the team start to share their perspective. These are the things we had in mind as we designed and delivered their activities.

Skill Building and Fun Made for a Flawless Workshop

The weather was perfect — sunny and warm, but with a hint of autumn in the air. Creve Coeur Park was the perfect environment for the activities we designed for the Magellan team, with just enough green showing through to keep things feeling natural.

We got the team working together immediately with a series of fun and educational warm up games. For this workshop, we decided on Circuit Ball, Air Counting, and Say What I Say. The Magellan team did a great job with all these, so much so that we knew they’d have no problem getting the care packages assembled in no time flat.

And fortunately, they proved us right. They donated 25 care packages to the grateful folks from the Missouri USO and built collaboration skills that would transfer perfectly back to the office.