Life Cycle Engineering Gives Back Via the United Way

Every year, engineers from Life Cycle Engineering get together for their summit and lots of meetings.  To break things up a bit, this year they booked a Rescue Buddies™ charity workshop through us, and it turned out to be an eye-opener in more ways than one.

life cycle engineering


These engineers got really into making those stuffed animals!

Maybe it wasn’t the high degree of precision and technical expertise they’re used to, but assembling stuffed bears was hugely satisfying for this group of engineers.

That’s because the bears were destined for greater things.  At the end of the workshop, they’d be donated to the Dee Norton Center, with the help of The United Way.

The idea of giving back to the community is a strong motivator, and you could see that in everything these engineers did during the course of the workshop that day.

Building stuffed animals was a break from endless meetings.

After what seemed like endless summit meetings, the Life Cycle engineers were ready for some hands-on activities to liven things up  Most of them were from out of town, but they all seemed to know one another anyway.  Our job was to provide a much-needed break from their meetings and add some “fun” to their day.

No problem!

We started out with some ice breakers.  They weren’t to introduce the participants, but rather to get them “warmed up” to the idea of the interactive nature of the workshop (we start all of our workshops with ice breakers, by the way).


Building on teamwork.

We gradually increased the “teamwork factor” in the event’s activities, stressing that only through good teamwork skills would the participants successfully earn bear parts.  Once all parts were earned, they could then assemble the bears and get their donations ready for the final ceremony.

The energy in the room was incredible, as everyone worked hard on the fun teamwork challenges we gave them.  And of course they knew they were working for a higher cause, so the pressure was on to succeed!


A surprising benefit to this workshop.

After the workshop was over with, we were thanked personally by the founder of Life Cycle Engineering.  While that’s not a rare occurrence, what the man’s son told us was very special to our hearts.

The man’s son, the CEO, told us that his dad had been pretty skeptical about scheduling a team building workshop.  He didn’t really place much value on these types of events.

But once the founder saw Rescue Buddies™ in action, he became a convert!  We were touched that they chose to share this story with us, and deeply honored as well.