Leveraging Communication Skills With the Leverage Group In Minneapolis

The Leverage Group, software providers here in the Minneapolis area, opted for a lighthearted approach to team building – perfect for this large group.

100 participants, all end users of Leverage Group software, came from different companies for a day of fun team building with the main goal of getting to know each other.

With a general theme of uniting to accomplish a goal, activities for this group were chosen based on their collaborative nature and their “fun factor”. With an eye towards producing the best results by working together and stressing the importance of clear communication, the workshop flowed smoothly from one module to the next and participants were able to complete the high-level tasks they were given. The main activity was One-Minute Commercials.

One-Minute Commercials

Leverage-Group-Rescue-Buddies-AssemblyThe One-Minute Commercials activity was our main focus, before we turned our attention to assembling Rescue Buddies for the charitable donation portion of the day. You gotta hand it to a group of strangers who can come together and accomplish what this activity challenged them to do! Here’s how it worked:

The group was divided into 10 teams of 9-10 people. Each team was given the assignment to write, produce, direct, and act in a 1 minute commercial. The groups also made props for their commercials with supplies which were provided.

The end result was amazing. The commercials were creative, well written, and very well acted out…definitely a testament to some great teamwork taking place!

Helping Firefighters Help Kids with Rescue Buddies

Leverage-Group-Rescue-Buddies-On-TableThe final activity was designed to get teams to practice their team building skills by competing for clues to a puzzle. Each clue solved meant another necessary Rescue Buddy supply was earned. As teams competed to earn supplies, they built camaraderie and developed their teamwork skills.

The Rescue Buddies chosen were all stuffed bunnies, to be given to the St. Paul Fire Department. The firemen give these bunnies to kids who are in stressful situations like car accidents, home fires, or domestic disputes. The firemen use the stuffed animals to calm the children and gain their trust. This is vital to assess how much trauma the kids have experienced physically or mentally.

The groups loved the idea of giving back to the local community and truly making a difference by giving away over 100 stuffed Rescue Buddies during their stuffed animal team building event.