Leadership Training at Crestron Electronics

Since 1971 Crestron Electronics has been a pioneer in electronic ingenuity and in leadership training. Magnovo was invited to work with a group of interns and their mentors to achieve some of their teambuilding goals.   

Collaborative technologies. Wireless presentation systems. Home security systems. Audio and video distribution. Building management systems. Dynamic control surfaces. In every area of design and production, Crestron has raised the bar of quality and innovation.

Crestron is equally passionate about corporate social responsibility. The company has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of veterans. Their generous gifts of technology and services have helped thousands of people with critical eye conditions.

Their interest in our Bike-a-thon Charitable Teambuilding Workshop made perfect sense. It reflected their ongoing commitment to making the lives of their customers and their community better. Crestron understands that leadership training is the only way to fulfill this mission.

Generosity improves leadership training

The foundation of Magnovo’s leadership training is corporate social responsibility. We know that charity builds stronger teams. And generosity and makes better leaders. In this spirit, we traveled to the Legacy Tower in Plano Texas to work with 20 interns and their mentors.

They were from different Crestron plants around North America. They knew each other but had never worked together. Our workshop was customized for them to develop relationships and build trust while building the bikes.

Collaboration facilitates leadership training

Apart from the frame, pedal, saddle, handlebars, brakes, and wheels, a bike has dozens of other working parts. Do you know what a wingnut does? How about steering tubes or cable guides? No clue? Then you’re like most of us. We just mount up and ride out. But without all of those unknown parts, our bikes wouldn’t work.

Our Bike-a-thons are great exercises in identifying “working parts” and valuing how they fit in the wider scheme of things. The Crestron staffers had to pull together in order to put together each bike. During the process, they learned how to put their different talents to good use for a common cause.

Leadership training is successful when everyone values the part they play and they feel valued for their contribution.  

Generosity that aids healing

The Crestron crew assembled 4 bikes that were donated to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children. Pediatric orthopedics. Sports industries. Juvenile arthritis. Neurological disorders. This network of pediatric hospitals is world renowned. Every day these medical heroes battle disease and suffering to restore happiness and health to their patients.

The hospital representatives were tremendously grateful for the bikes and for the hard work of the Crestron team. They actually brought everyone hats to celebrate!

In addition to this souvenir, the interns took away a lot of life lessons. And the Crestron managers invited us back for more leadership training.