Leadership Skills Development at Change Healthcare


Change Healthcare asked us to beef up their leadership skills through a Bike-a-Thon Charity Workshop, and the results were fantastic. We met 65 managers at the Sheraton Music City in Nashville. Since there are more than 5,800 bike trails in this town, a Bike-a-Thon made sense.

Leadership skills for a healthcare forerunner

Change Healthcare is one of the largest, independent healthcare technology companies in the United States. They employ 800,000 doctors in 5,500 hospitals and have $2.0 trillion healthcare claims.

Their mantra: “We champion improvement, before, after and in-between care episodes, striving to provide a visible measure of quality and value.” Magnovo customized their leadership skills development training to help them with this mandate.

Their 65 healthcare professionals had a healthy appetite for fun, too. The whole team was pumped about building 10 bikes for low-income kids in the community. At each stage of the workshop, competitive activities that developed their leadership skills also tickled their funny bones.

It was loads of fun and emotionally fulfilling. Everybody knew that 10 low-income children were about to receive a gift that could improve their quality of life.

Those shiny new bikes were proof that someone in their hometown appreciated and valued them.

Kindness sharpens leadership skills

Change Healthcare wants to make a difference in the lives of its clients and its community. The compassion and care they showed during the workshop was an exercise in leadership skills development as well as teambuilding. Managers laid down their titles, status, and agendas and worked together for the greater good–and it felt good!

The recipient of their largesse was one of the most remarkable charities in town. The Martha O’Bryan Center “serves families through a cradle to career continuum of innovative programs.”

From cradle to career! That means empowering children, youth, and adults who are impoverished through work, education, employment, and fellowship.

It means year-round academic support:  tutoring, homework help, and leadership development training. They even help prospective college students explore colleges, complete applications, and research financial aid options.

Their staff offers short-term crisis assistance with rent, utilities, food, and healthcare. Domestic violence counseling, individual and family therapy, mental health crisis intervention, and pastoral care are available as well.

Talk about turnkey care! The Martha O’Bryan Center is phenomenal and it was an honor to partner with them in helping poor families in Nashville.