Leadership Communication is the Focus in Minneapolis

Everyone knows leadership communication plays an important role in an organization.  That’s what an 11-person group from Medtronic had on their minds when they arrived for a Team Synergy workshop at the Marriott Minneapolis Airport this past August.

We often suggest the Team Synergy team building workshop for groups of A-listers like top leaders and management.  Sometimes key players in an organization find the most challenging aspect of teamwork to be collaboration!  When that’s the case, we ease off on the competitive nature of many of our hands-on activities and stress collaboration instead.

Leadership Communication is the Focus in MinneapolisLeadership communication begins with taking down barriers.

The workshop started out with some icebreakers, designed to facilitate a comfortable, non-competitive environment and a relaxed atmosphere.  Three icebreakers led into our “Commercials” activity, and then the heart of the workshop event: assembling rescue buddies for a charitable donation.  Finally, some in-depth conversation about leadership communication rounded out the day.

The emphasis was on communication and collaboration.

It’s been said there are three pillars of good leadership communication:

  1. communication
  2. comprehension
  3. interaction

With an emphasis on communication skills throughout all the activities of the workshop, we’re pretty sure we covered #1.  Participants were sharing information throughout the entire event.  As for #2, making sure your teammates comprehend your advertising statement during the Commercials activity is consistent with the goal of improving comprehension.  For #3, all our activities are hands-on and interactive, so no problem there!

A small group presents new challenges.

With only 11 people, the dynamics of interactive learning take on a different tone  (especially when all 11 people are leaders, with 6 of them having just joined Medtronic!).  The icebreakers had done their job, however, and the group was dedicated to having fun and getting to know one another really well by completing the activities together.

A leadership theme and discussions lead to new horizons.

The small size of the group, combined with the collaborative tone set by the workshop activities, resulted in some fruitful discussions about leadership.  The group talked about Campfire Leadership and the need to communicate effectively on each other’s level.

Of course the activities had centered around that theme, so the discussion arose naturally and everyone had lots to say.  Overall it was very successful and the group is interested in either DiSC or Campfire Leadership, or Public Speaking Training.  These are some of our other corporate training workshops, which take leadership communication a step further in development.