Leadership Building Activities and the Therapy of Kindness

Leadership Building Activities and the Therapy of Kindness

In the minds of a lot old-school executives, leadership building activities and kindness are like oil and water–they just don’t mix.

Leadership Building Activities and the Therapy of Kindness

But today, young and old executives alike are growing more enlightened and they are beginning to recognize that a real leader doesn’t have to be harsh and oppressive. They are beginning to understand and embrace an old adage with new zeal: giving is more of a blessing than receiving.

A brave new business model founded on social responsibility is rapidly replacing that of the die-hard bottom liners. The new business paradigm incorporates leadership building activities that also build relationships inside the company and outside in the wider community.

A couple of hours participating in a charitable team building workshops may do you more good than twenty hours on a psychiatrist’s couch. While working together to build a bicycle, a wagon, or a teddy bear for a few needy children in your city, you’ll learn more about your colleagues in one afternoon than you will during a dozen sales meetings.

Donate school supplies to local students. Or how about shipping some warm clothes and healthy snacks to a soldier overseas? Want to help tip the scale so that a family can afford to adopt a new puppy? Of all these charitable opportunities, which one resonates in your heart? The cause that calls to you is the one you should run with–and at every step along the way, you’re guaranteed to feel like a winner.

Leadership building activities like these charitable workshops give workers a different platform upon which to develop and showcase leadership skills without the added toxin of competitive gamesmanship. They don’t simply level the playing field; they change the game altogether, because the “prize” you’ll covet most is the teary smile of the child, family, or individual for whom you’re creating your gift.

Smart executives–visionaries leaders–have discovered that enriching the lifeblood of the company is not the only benefit of corporate altruism. Giving is good therapy for the giver! This gives a whole new meaning to the idea of employee benefits.

It stimulates and releases feel-good chemicals from our brains that circulate throughout our bodies. These happiness hormones– endorphins and oxytocin–and the activities that stimulate them are simply good medicine for the body and soul.

They can help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and tamp down the severity of tension headaches. And what’s more, this little breather from the pressure cooker called corporate America may promote healing in a lot of hardened hearts.

So it’s true: tis better to give than to receive. The benefits of charity do begin at home: in your own heart! Get on the bandwagon–the Wagon Builders Team Building Workshop, that is.