Land O’ Lakes Enters the Season of Giving By Helping Kids in River Falls, WI

After a recent merger, Land O’ Lakes knew that a team building event could help its leaders enjoy a smoother transition. As a bonus, their newly joined forces were able to create an opportunity to make a few Christmas dreams come true for local kids.

Land O’ Lakes Builds Bicycles for a Good Cause

Thanksgiving had just ended, and winter weather was already evident in River Falls, WI when the Land O’ Lakes team of about 40 leaders and engineers gathered at the Winfield United Innovation Center. This unique, industrial-style venue set a fun, adventurous backdrop for the charity team building exercise that was part of a multi-day meeting.

To help spread positivity throughout the group, they decided there was no better way than to share their successes with their local community. The group selected the Magnovo Bike­ a-Thon™ activity to help participants learn more about each other. This event centers around team members dividing into small groups that compete against each other to construct bicycles, all while working together to complete each task.

The finished bicycles were to be donated to the United Way of St. Croix Valley, an organization dedicated to helping community members by distributing food and providing educational opportunities to those in need. The bicycles the Land O’ Lakes team was constructing would be donated to the United Way, which would distribute them to area children whose families can’t afford them.

Once the team members learned the significance of their task, their attitudes shifted into friendly competitiveness, each one determined to fulfill their cause.

The Competition Where Everyone Wins

Despite the recent merger, there was already a strong sense of competitiveness in the room, as though the participants had been working together for years. There was a high level of comfort with each other, but also a friendly sense of having something to prove.

The extreme competitiveness of this group did not impede respect and courtesy for one another. They were very encouraging to each other, giving them the confidence they needed to succeed. They realized that this was one competition where there were only winners.