LafargeHolcim Put Their Construction Knowledge to Work for Charity During Team Event

LafargeHolcim combined team training with an opportunity to give back to the Golden, CO community children. As a result, team members recognized their ability to offer solutions to more than just the construction industry.

Establishing a Tone of Leadership

Working with a group of 50 participants always presents challenges in itself, but this group didn’t let their size stand in their way of a successful event.

Prior to the event, team members enjoyed their fill of food and libations, which helped to establish a friendly, carefree tone to the event. However, when it was time to get down to business, every person was able to overcome the distractions of socialization and set to work.

It was clear the leader of this team had plenty of experience in working with this group, as he embraced his role in setting the tone for energy and enthusiasm throughout the event. His demeanor was reflected in each of his team members, which showed how close-knit and responsive this group already was. Still, they realized even seasoned teams who have been working together for years can still learn a few things about what it means to band together

Teams Compete for a Cause in Golden, CO

Our challenge seemed simple, but the participants knew it was anything but. Some groups were tasked with assembling bicycles while others had the goal of making stuffed animals. These items were to be donated to the Colorado State Foster Parent Association to provide disadvantaged children with a glimmer of hope and happiness during their time away from their family.

When the team learned to whom they’d be donating these gifts, their attitudes shifted into one of determination and goal-oriented. The groups developed a competitive yet friendly tone that kept the energy high for the best possible outcome.

LafargeHolcim Leaves a Lasting Impression

The team completed 4 bicycles and 25 Rescue Buddies by the end of the event, but they weren’t finished yet. Sherry Owens from Colorado State Foster Care stopped by to accept the donation in person and to commend the team on a job well done. Participants left with the same feeling of hope and inspiration their gifts would soon create for children in Golden, CO.