Kiekert USA maintains a design and development center as well as sales office and production site in Wixom, Michigan outside of Detroit. That’s fitting, since they make automobile components (door locks).

The company’s corporate social responsibility mission is partly embodied in what they call their “Zukunftsmacher” program. They booked our Wheelcharity™ workshop this summer as part of that initiative.

Team Building With Kiekert USA Leaders

Since Kiekert wholeheartedly believes in strengthening their company by doing good things for the community, our charity workshops were a perfect fit for their goals. As an added bonus to giving back, they also get to work on their team-building skills during their workshop time with us.

Our workshops always start out with a team-building framework, then slowly add in the charitable aspects once everyone is working together and collaborating on projects. We always start with some ice breakers (several, actually), then move into more involved activities like “Commercials”.

Everyone jumped right in to our “Commercials” activity and was willing to step out of their comfort zone without feeling threatened. This is a tough challenge for lots of leaders, but not this group. In the end, they worked diligently and as a fantastic team, despite their very diverse global profile. Kiekert knows about teamwork! And, as we found out, they know a lot about giving back, too.

Wheelchairs Were Donated

The Kiekert group was able to construct 4 wheelchairs, which would be given to a charitable organization that distributes them to people throughout the world who need them. In this case, it that organization was World Medical Relief.

Kim-Lan, from the World Medical Relief organization, was on hand to accept the wheelchairs on behalf of her organization. She gave a presentation that showed the group from Kiekert USA how their donations would be serving people from around the globe. It brought to mind the global nature of the meeting, and how being a global citizen works on so many different levels.

Teamwork Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Finally, the hotel staff at the Greek Casino Hotel were very accommodating from the start. The room was a great set up for our size group. The contact was very helpful and we had very early access to the room. When we needed to leave a large box for three days, they did so without a problem and without a charge. It was a real-life demonstration of cross-organizational teamwork. And because we are teamwork nerds, we love that stuff!