Kids Get New Bikes Made By Faurecia Through Columbus Fireman’s Cheer Fund

The Faurecia team out of Columbus, IN, hosted this engaging and exciting international event. We joined them at the nearby NCAA Hall of Champions in Indianapolis.

FaureciaFaurecia Hosts International Event in Indianapolis, IN

We arrived at this great location directly on the White River Canal in downtown Indianapolis, and welcomed about 170 people from Faurecia, as well as many of their suppliers and distributors. This was a meeting of the company’s Clean Mobility division, the largest tier one exhaust supplier in the world and based out of Columbus.

Many of these business executives arrived the morning of and the night before this international gathering, which was scheduled to last for two days. The Bike-A-Thon™ team building activity kicked off the conference. We hoped to create a fun and engaging “get to know you” opportunity. We also wanted to help Faurecia give back to the community, at home and internationally.

The 26 bicycles assembled that day were donated to the Columbus Fireman’s Cheer Fund. Jay Smith, a representative of the charity was on hand during the entire event. Participants really enjoyed getting to chat with him throughout the program. They learned more about the organization and how it helped children.

Teamwork Rules the Day

All of the participants were leaders in their companies and industry, fully dressed in nice suits. However, that didn’t stop them from quickly joining forces and working together during a selfie challenge! They did not hesitate to down to work in our Collaborative Cup Stacking activity, either, or any of the other challenges we threw their way.

It was amazing to see people from as far away as Japan, Australia, China, India, France, and Scotland join their American counterparts to work hard and do good work. Folks were flexible, collaborative, and shared ideas freely. It wasn’t only the local charity that benefited though; the first team to complete assembly of their bicycle earned each team member a $50 donation to the charity of their choice, worldwide.

Helping Local Kids Through Columbus Fireman’s Cheer Fund

Jay Smith was really impressed with how the group came together and assembled so many bicycles so quickly. He shared some stories of the children helped by the Columbus Fireman’s Cheer Fund. The charity presented a plaque to Faurecia to acknowledge the gifted bicycles and thank the company for organizing and hosting the Bike-A-Thon™. And finally, participants applauded heartily for him, and each other, for a job well-done.