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Kaiser Permanente Connects With Their Mission During Wheelcharity™

We offer a lot of different charity workshops, covering a lot of different charitable themes.  For any company in the health industry, Wheelcharity™ makes perfect sense.

kaiser permanente

When it comes to serving your company mission or fulfilling your vision for a better world, Wheelcharity™ fits the bill for the service it provides to those facing mobility challenges.

Kaiser Permanente’s mission was served nicely with Wheelcharity™.

Kaiser Permanente moved forward on their company mission this Spring, with a Wheelcharity™ Charity Team Building Workshop in Dana Point, CA.  Their stated goal was to connect with their mission, and as one of the nation’s largest health care plan providers, Wheelcharity™ was the perfect match for them.

They had very specific goals for this workshop.

Besides connecting with their mission and serving its ideals, the group from Kaiser Permanente had some new goals which focused on interacting with people with disabilities.

Since Wheelcharity™ has an optional component at the end of the workshop which encourages participants to see life from the perspective of someone in a wheelchair, this goal was fulfilled.

Top leaders at Kaiser Permanente survive the blind obstacle course.

This workshop started out like any other: with ice breakers to get everyone warmed up and ready to try new things.  After some hands-on activities where the groups exercised their communication skills and collaborated to solve puzzles, the wheelchair assembly began.

These top leaders from Kaiser Permanente worked like skilled craftspeople to put together the wheelchair donations.  But the “job” wasn’t yet done!

Wheelcharity™ comes with an option: the group can decorate the donations with messages of hope and inspiration, or they’re feeling competitive and adventurous, they compete on a blind obstacle course with the wheelchairs they’ve just made.

Guess what the KP leaders chose?  That’s right: in keeping with their goal of better understanding people with disabilities and learning how to interact with them, a good session of relying on a wheelchair to navigate an obstacle course went a long way.

Wheelchair donations went to Wheels for the World

Kaiser Permanente’s assembled wheelchairs were donated to Wheels for the Word, which provides wheelchairs for people around the world.  After a morning meeting about consumer focus, leadership principles, diversity, networking, and inclusion, Wheelcharity was a fresh take on giving back, and the perfect complement to everything else the KP group was doing that day at the Marriott Laguna Cliffs.

The event was held outside, and there was a beautiful sunset over the ocean happening as the workshop was concluding.