Johnson & Johnson’s IT Department Helps Morristown, NJ Kids Through Wagon Builders

Forecast: Paying it Forward Through Teamwork

The Wagon Builders ™ workshop was supposed to have 70 participants but only ended up with 45.

Unfortunately, lots of people left early to avoid flight cancellations and delays as a snowstorm moved in. So we moved the workshop to an earlier time and shortened it by 45 minutes. The Madison Hotel was very accommodating for us. None of these hurdles took away from the energy and purpose of the event, though: to have fun, team build and give back to local Morristown-area kids in need. Everyone was eager to get started as soon as the facilitator arrived.

Wagon Builders™ Comes to Morristown, NJ

We adjusted our plans slightly, modifying the size of the teams we arranged based on the number of people in attendance. Laughter was abundant as teams played Flip Cup, Group Writing, Prediction Card Game, and Paw Dice Game. Winning teams earned the parts necessary for building wagons. After assembling the wagons, they were filled with gifts for children and then we decorated them. It was great to see such a supportive group. Participants truly worked as teams, and then also together as a whole department.

Ordinarily, a representative from the charity is invited to accept the donations in person. Because of the weather, it wasn’t possible for anyone from Cornerstone Family Programs & Morristown Neighborhood House  to come. However, we did talk about the kinds of work done and the services the agency provides to kids and their families. This group’s commitment to helping those less fortunate was impressive. Once we completed the wagons, everyone also volunteered to help pack them safely for later delivery after the snowstorm.

Johnson & Johnson Succeeds for Cornerstone Family Programs & Morristown Neighborhood House

We lost a few more people as the workshop wound down; the weather was deteriorating quickly. The folks who remained generously helped pack up the room and remaining supplies and materials. The feedback we received about the Wagon Builders™ program was overwhelmingly positive. Folks were grateful that we were still able to carry out the workshop despite the elements. Everyone was disappointed that they couldn’t give the wagons to Cornerstone directly, but this group was clearly hopeful that they could try again with another program just like this one next year.