Johnson & Johnson Makes a Mark On Orlando With a Bike-a-Thon™-Wagon Builders™ Combo Workshop

Johnson & Johnson Makes a Mark On Orlando Florida With a Bike-a-Thon™-Wagon Builders™ Combo Workshop

We love it when companies come to us with a strong initiative they want messaged throughout their workshop. With Johnson & Johnson of course the message was health-related.

A Custom Workshop With Johnson & Johnson’s Theme Worked In

Bike-A-Thon-Bicycle-Team-BuildingWe were able to tie in workshop activities with the theme of “making a mark” by encouraging health and wellness in local kids. The donation of bicycles and red wagons for neighborhood kids supported both the company health mission and the theme of the national sales meeting, What type of mark will you make?

A National Sales Meeting With Heart

The engaging workshop emphasized the importance of connecting with your community in a meaningful way…in other words, actions not just words. With a donation of 30 girls’ bicycles & helmets, 30 boys’ bicycles & helmets, plus 60 wagons, we think they did a great job!

How 450 Johnson & Johnson Participants Made 60 Bicycles & 60 Wagons in One Day

Wagon-Builders-Charity-Team-BuildingAfter a week of training and development activities, these Johnson & Johnson sales executives were ready for some hands-on activities so our workshop was well-placed at the end of the week for this group. All week they’d been hearing inspiring stories from colleagues on the importance of “making a mark” while helping others both at work and in their personal lives. The stories were all geared towards health & wellness, the core values of Johnson & Johnson.

Our facilitators set up 60 tables, each one serving as a bicycle and wagon building station. Each of the 450 attendees was given a playing card table assignment. After a short introduction by Rob, one of our facilitators, the groups enthusiastically dove into bike building.

Rob and Angel served as safety inspectors for the assembled bikes, where several teams who did not pass “inspection” learned that building a bicycle is not as easy as it looks!

After a team was able to pass inspection with a bicycle, they moved onto wagon building. Some groups quickly reviewed the instructions, some quickly grabbed tools and began building. While speaking to attendees who were completed, the facilitator asked several how they enjoyed the activity and what they liked about it. All said they loved the activity because they liked to give back to the community and make a difference.

We handled all of the coordination with the receiving organization, which in this case was United Way of Central Florida. For the final ceremony, United Way brought 13 children up on stage and as always this is the highlight of the day.

The All-Important Final Ceremony With Kids

United-Way-Of-Central-Florida-OrlandoWe simply cannot stress enough how appreciative we are that charitable organizations take time out of their busy schedules to round up the kids and bring them in for this portion of our charity workshops.

It makes for a real connection when workshop participants are able to meet face-to-face the kids they’re working for. Here at we wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would our clients! It made the perfect end to a perfect workshop.