Janssen Research and Development’s Mission: Kids Care™ Program Supports Puerto Rico Recovery

Months after two major hurricanes hit the island of Puerto Rico, kids and families are struggling to regain some normalcy. A recent Janssen Research and Development summit gave staff an opportunity to make a practical difference for those folks. We designed a Mission: Kids Carecharity team building workshop.

Janssen Research and Development to the Rescue

The inspiration for this program was a recent visit to Puerto Rico by a couple of Janssen employees. They returned highly motivated to do something to help their fellow Americans.

We came up with a customized workshop that fit within the single hour the group had during a day-long series of meetings. There were about 300 people in attendance. It was a big group, and with Mission: Care Kids, they made a big impact in a short period of time.

Sending Love from New Brunswick, NJ

Because this was a big group, it took a few minutes for everyone to settle down. Thankfully, being at the New Brunswick Hyatt Regency meant there was plenty of room for everyone to work comfortably. The Janssen employees who’d visited Puerto Rico said a few words about their visit, and shared several powerful photos using a multimedia projector we’d set up for them.

Then, we stepped in to run some games and activities that resulted in more than 20 boxes full of backpacks jammed with school supplies and hygiene products. People worked hard and they worked fast. Several of our most popular charity team building workshop games were modified for the size of the group and the time allotted. We developed activities that reinforced important workplace skills while still fostering an environment of fun and camaraderie.

Heart to Heart International Helps Families in Puerto Rico

We were fortunate to have Jillian O’Connor from Heart to Heart International on­ hand during the event. It was her organization that would be taking the donated backpacks to Puerto Rico. At the end of the workshop, Ms. O’Connor spoke for a few minutes about the work her charity does in Puerto Rico. She talk about how much of a difference these school supplies would make in helping kids get back to “normal”. We were unable to hold our typical debriefing session at the conclusion of the program because of time constraints. But, all of the feedback we received was positive. People really felt good about helping their fellow Americans in a time of need, an idea very much in keeping with the work of the department.