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It’s Spring and Business is Blooming for Small Business Owners

It’s Spring and Business is Blooming for Small Business Owners

Spring! What an amazing season! Everywhere you look, nature sheds her gray gloom. Birds, bees, flowers, and trees explode with new life. Seedlings and acorns carpet the ground. And during this season of rebirth, mighty oaks grow from these little acorns—just like millions of  small businesses across the country.

You know, the big picture of the US economy is actually framed by small business owners. They make up 99 percent of American businesses and are the country’s biggest employers! Amazing right?

National Small Business Owners Day

National Small Business Owners Day is March 29 and Magnovo is proud to celebrate with you because you’re such an important sector of the marketplace. And we think this is the perfect time for you to renew your commitment to your business plan and reboot your team building goals.

How about tweaking your leadership style? At Magnovo, we’re masters of executive presence training, public speaking, and other professional development skills.

Your millennial employees—they’re both a blessing and challenge, right? Among some multigenerational staffs “challenge” is an understatement!  Lots of Baby Boomer and Generation-X managers are scrambling to hone their conflict management skills just to stay afloat.

Fortunately for you, Magnovo has the solution! Our training in DiSC personality profiles will help you understand your employees so well, that conflict management won’t be necessary.

DiSC stands for Dominant, Influential, Steadfast, and Conscientious personality styles.

Insights into each worker’s personality traits will increase your empathy and help you customize your leadership style. Team building is easier when team members understand each other. The stronger the team – the healthier the bottom line.

Take a spring break, hit the reset button and make a fresh start with a game plan that includes the kind of professional training that Magnovo can provide.