Intuit Rallies in Bike-A-Thon™ for Local Children’s Initiative Charity

Software company Intuit brought together 50 employees for a company meeting in La Jolla, CA, followed by a chance to give back to the community by hosting a Bike-A-Thon™ for area kids.

intuitA Global Get-Together for Intuit

Intuit’s team came together in beautiful La Jolla from around the world. The theme of their annual summit was “One Intuit, One Mindset, One Team.” What better way to demonstrate that than through some team building followed by a charity project? We had worked with Intuit before and were excited to see them again.

A Dynamic Group Ready to Work

Our workshop kicked off at the end of the group’s first day together. It was a great way for folks to relax and connect. We started with simple ice breaker games like Air Counting, Say What I Say, and Circuit Ball. Since we’d already worked with this company, we came up with a few new games to keep them on their toes!

Then, we moved on to educational games that also provided a chance for fun and learning about better collaboration and conflict resolution skills. It was easy to see a group that worked so well together would be terrific at putting together bicycles.

The Children’s Initiative’s Excitement at Intuit’s Bike-A-Thon™

The Children’s Initiative is a local children’s charity out of San Diego, CA. Their goal is to help low-income children and families through advocacy and programming. Areas of interest include physical and economic health and safety. Roxanna from the charity told us how excited she was to receive delivery of the bikes. But the surprise was on us! Lots of kids showed up early.

The Intuit team took it like pros, though. They really showed off those teamwork skills and continued working diligently on their bikes. Once they completed the bikes and handed them off to the children, it’s hard to say which group smiled more, the Intuit team or the kids who received new bikes. It’s clear that Intuit’s theme resonated with employees, who really were thinking and working as one mindset and one team.

Think Globally, Work Locally

Intuit wanted to have a team building component to their annual summit, where they welcomed team members from around the world. We provided fun activities and games designed to foster better communication and conflict management skills. Participants clearly then transferred some of those skills to bicycle building as part of the Bike-A-Thon™ event for the Children’s Initiative.