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IDEXX Laboratories Builds Cohesion as Well as Bears

Our Rescue Buddies™ Charity Team Building Workshop delivers on many levels- and we can even tailor those deliverables to suit your needs.

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When IDEXX Laboratories said they wanted to build cohesion while they gave back, we said “no problem”!  They booked the Rescue Buddies™ workshop as part of their quarterly meeting for sales and support employees.

These groups often work well together but sometimes encounter obstacles to collaboration due to gaps in cohesiveness between the various offices involved at the company.

Rescue Buddies™ to the rescue!


IDEXX Laboratories wanted to work on collaboration and cohesion. 

Rescue Buddies™ is primarily a charity workshop.  Participants work on teams and practice important skills like communication and collaboration to reach their donation goals, but usually the prime motive is giving back.

But since we always incorporate team building activities into every charity workshop we give, it’s not hard to simply place a tad more emphasis on the team building aspects of this fun workshop, when called for.

And IDEXX Laboratories did call for it!


The next level of team development.

Teamwork and giving back aren’t hard to reconcile, actually.  Both are about thinking of others.  For good teamwork, the focus is on the common goal rather than simply a “what’s in it for me?” mentality. Same goes for giving back, of course.

The IDEXX group got the message about working together for a common goal (in this case, earning bear parts and assembling the stuffed bears).  And it’s always our mission to see that they carry that message over to the workplace, too.  Building collaboration and developing cohesion is beneficial in so many ways!


A visit from the Essex Fire Department caps off a great workshop.

Bears went to the local fire department in Essex, Vermont.

The Essex Fire Department showed up right on time (they’re used to getting places fast!).  Their speech was wonderful: heartwarming for everyone and of course it brought home what the donations signify in the real world.

In fact, having the receiving organization appear to accept the donations is what usually ties everything together for our charity workshop participants.  It’s not often that corporate groups get to see the effect their giving activities have on the community.

Our “donation ceremonies” give everyone a chance to get to know groups in their communities.  It’s about building bridges and seeing positive change in action- and of course it builds stronger ties between your company and the surrounding community.

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