How Our Team Building Ideas Worked for Dechert

The strongest team building ideas change how people see their role on a team. That was the goal our client  Dechert, LLP  set when we met them in New York.

They asked us to facilitate a Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Workshop as part of their summer intern orientation.

The Dechert, LLP law firm opened shop 143 years ago. Today their team includes 900 lawyers around the world. And they play hardball in areas including international arbitration, real estate, financial restructuring, antitrust/competition, and intellectual property.

Even more impressive, Dechert LLP lawyers put their time and money where their hearts are through pro bono work.  In 2017 they clocked in 82,000 hours of pro bono work.

That equals 9 years of work in a 12-month period! They’re ranked #1 for International Pro Bono and #7 for National Pro Bono. Providing legal services to folks who can’t afford it is their passion. When they “give back to the community” they do it in overdrive. 

And so does Magnovo. Our best team building ideas involve charitable donations –bikes, wagons, food, and our Rescue Buddies.  We met at the Dechert offices overlooking Times Square in Manhattan to work with 70 Millennials interns or “summer associates.”

Millennials make up a third of the American workforce. Their dominance overshadows Generation Xers and Baby Boomers. This generational clash can heighten tensions at work. Some CEOs are reluctant to take them on.

They can be intimidating especially when it comes to corporate social responsibility. They understand the importance of the bottom line. But Millennials want their bosses to do the right thing in the community.

Team building ideas for Millennials

Dechert CEO wanted to work with Magnovo because we’re known for our expertise in working with  Millennials. Our workshop was designed to make sure they understand how important community outreach is to the law firm. It also challenged them to develop and use communications and collaborative skills as they worked together.

Each Rescue Buddy was assembled to include a birth certificate and a backpack.

They were donated to the Ronald McDonald House of New York. Their Rep explained that each toy would go to a critically sick child at a particularly crucial time.  These kids and their parents have to respond quickly when there’s an opening at a hospital specializing in their illness.

There isn’t always time to pack toys and personal items that would comfort them. These stuffed animals can fill that void. They can provide comfort and security when life seems so uncertain. And when everything around them is unfamiliar, they know at least that “this Rescue Buddy is mine!”

The summer associates were genuinely grateful to help gravely ill children. Dechert was reassured that their message to their interns came through loud and clear. And we proved again that the best charitable team building ideas teach leadership skills and the importance of serving others.