Hewlett Packard Comes Up Big for Veterans in Need in Dallas, TX

We staged this Mission: Military Care Charity Workshop in a hotel in Dallas, TX. The workshop was designed to address the specific teamwork needs of 60 staff members from Hewlett Packard. A Mission: Military Care Workshop entails assembling care packages and donating them to local veterans’ organizations. The care packages are then distributed either to local veterans or military personnel currently serving overseas. In this case, the organization was the Veterans Outreach Program in Dallas, a group of passionate people who work hard to connect homeless vets with transitional housing and other important resources. And although the room we had to work with was small, the goals we achieved were big in every sense of the word.

Great Things Happen When Talented People Come Together

The Hewlett Packard people came in raring to go, so we divided the group into teams and got started on some of our warm-up activities and mini-games. These were all custom designed to fit Hewlett Packard’s stated teamwork needs and helped prepare the attendees for the next two phases.

Their progress became apparent quickly. As we took the teams through the paces of games like Air Counting, Flip the Cup, and Say What I Say, the staff ceased being individuals and truly became a team. Even more importantly, our facilitators could tell that the Hewlett Packard people were learning teamwork lessons that would transfer easily back to the office.

An Organization Like Veterans Outreach is Always Great Motivation

The commitment on Hewlett Packard’s part was obvious from the beginning of the workshop. It was easy to see how much they cared about one another and the respect they had for our veterans. Once the warm-up activities and mini-games were finished, our facilitators guided the teams through the parts earning phase and the actual assembly of the care packages.

The individual employees from Hewlett Packard were all intelligent, hard-working, and passionate, but they were even more impressive working as a team. And it didn’t hurt that the Veteran Outreach Program had both a representative and one of their clients on hand to speak after the event. Their presence added the final motivating touch and made our facilitators’ work much easier.

This was truly a great event, with everyone involved coming out a winner. The Hewlett Packard teams honed their teamwork skills in their departments’ specific areas of need. The Veterans Outreach Program was grateful for all the care packages, and our facilitators went home knowing they had truly done some good.