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The HCA WheelCharity Workshop Makes a Difference in Nashville, TN

Whether it’s the company they’re designed for, the facilitators, or the community at large, our Charity Workshops enrich the lives of everyone involved with them. Not only do they help clients improve key teamwork areas like communication, leadership, and morale, they also take individual goals and transform them into a shared perspective. Magnovo Charity Workshops accomplish these lofty goals by teaching the massive benefits of working together and pointing the way towards something bigger than a simple paycheck. Of course, these workshops give back to the community as well, with the fruits of our clients’ labor going to deserving local charities and sending ripples of care into the surrounding areas. Most importantly, our Charity Workshops teach skills that our clients continue to build on when they return to the office, resulting in a permanent and positive change in attitude and productivity.

Hospital Corporation of America logoThe HCA Comes Together for a Worthy Cause

The HCA WheelCharity Workshop we held in Nashville, TN embodied all these beneficial traits and then some. It was 50 young hospital administrators converging on the Sheraton Hotel for fun, growth, and giving back to the community. Their energy level was fantastic from the very start, with every team member eager to engage in some friendly competition for a great cause.

We took advantage of this fun competitive spirit by offering gold medals for some of the opening events. This added a lot of goofy fun to the proceedings and made the group work even harder. After we divided the group into teams, we got things started officially with games like Flip the Cup, Say What I Say, and Air Counting. By the time we got to the phase where the HCA team earned parts for the actual wheelchairs, they were clearly starting to come together as a unit.

The HCA Takes Care of Their Own By Donating to the Friends in General

Not surprisingly, HCA chose to donate the wheelchairs they assembled to a local hospital support organization called Friends in General. They chose this group because they knew its volunteers would eventually deliver to wheelchairs to homes experiencing financial hardship.

This gave the team even more motivation. They burned right through the assembly phase and ended up donating several working wheelchairs to the great people at Friends in General. Anyway, you choose to look at it, this workshop was a great success.