Gore and Associates Hosts Mission: Military Care™ Program in Tempe, AZ

Gore and Associates hosted a small event for 11 of members of their marketing team. Because all but one participant was from the East Coast, we were all happy to be in Arizona, at the Gore headquarters, for the sunny, 80-degree weather.

One word sums up this entire workshop: heart.

Giving Back in Tempe, AZ

When asked about this workshop, Karen Geissel of Gore said it was simple. “Because we want to give back,” she said.

Some members of the group had already joined Magnovo for a previous Mission: Military Careprogram. Other members of the team had a loved one in the military. They wanted to take care of those who protect us.

From the first moment we arrived to do the setup, all hands were on deck. The Gore team helped organize items and carry materials from one room to the next. This team was already working and with ease! A brief speech made at the beginning of the event emphasized their larger goal: “make an impact, by doing it together, with heart.”

Mission : Military Cares™ Means Fun, Too

Over one hour and a half, we took fun to a new level. The “selfie” challenge included strobe lights, Group Writing was done quickly (and legibly!), and the impromptu obstacle relay race sparked fun competition.

Once all bags were stuffed, Jan Richardson with Blue Star Moms of the Southwest Valley arrived to speak on their mission: to provide care packages to active military across the globe.

Serving Blue Star Moms of the Southwest Valley

Tears flowed when Jan Richardson explained that there are many instances where soldiers are deployed in areas where they have no access to simple but necessary things like toilet paper. She was overwhelmed with the size of the donation Gore folks prepare d. There were 22 care packages with over 400 individual personal care items and snacks!

After the program, we all received a message from Ms. Richardson. It read, “On behalf of Blue Star Moms of the Southwest Valley, thank you for coordinating the generous donations through Gore! Your bags will make a huge impact for 20 actively deployed military personnel all over the world! We look forward to working with you again in the future to benefit the community! Highest regards, Jan, Proud Army Mom of 2.”

When companies like Gore and Magnovo get together, the world becomes a brighter place. Hopefully, we will be back for another event!