Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network’s Bike-a-Thon Helps Kids in Need

We met with a group of about 200 employees of the Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network on-site at the organization’s office.

A Bike-a-Thon in Itasca, IL

While many of these folks worked together, there were also a lot of people who worked remotely. Those employees didn’t often see these other “home office” employees. All of the team members worked hard, carrying out intense advocacy and support efforts for families facing life and death decisions.

Employees provided assistance to families during critical medical procedures and transportation of precious life-saving organs. Many of them also carried out administrative and logistical work behind the scenes. This Bike-a-Thon to benefit the local DCFS Children & Family Service Advocacy Office provided folks with a chance to have fun, do something positive for area kids, and grow together. It was already a strong team, but they knew they wanted to be stronger.

Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network  Helps Kids

The event organizer had already sorted folks into teams. That way, when we arrived on-site, we got started right away. Teams competed for parts that they used for bicycle assembly through activities like Dice Bank, Flip the Cup, Wordles, Cup Stack, and Prediction.

Competitions were all fun and games; however, the real purpose was to encourage teamwork, boost interpersonal skills, and improve communication. As much as people worked hard for their own team’s success, everyone cheered hard for each other, too! This was such a special group of people. They were clearly really committed to each other and the kids they were working so hard for.

A Powerful Wrap-Up

Once the bicycles were completed, we hosted a brief presentation component. It had been previously arranged to have Ann Gold from the DCFS Children & Family Service Advocacy Office come to the event and accept the donation. She stood before the group to say a few words and thank everyone for their hard work.

Each of the teams stood up and made a few brief remarks, too. They spoke about what they learned and how they looked forward to taking those lessons back to the office. We took a few photos for everyone and wrapped up with thunderous rounds of applause for Ann Gold and the DCFS Children & Family Service Advocacy Office.

As we packed up the day’s tools and supplies, we heard from more than a few people about how rewarding the afternoon was. We were glad to help good people doing good work do better.