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Fun Team Building with the National Systems Contractor Association

It was game on during our fun team building workshop with the National Systems Contractor Association!  They’re one of our favorite clients and we always have a great time!

The National Systems Contractor Association, NSCA, is a not-for-profit organization of industry leaders in commercial electronics. Members include sales reps, architects, product manufacturers, systems contractors and integrators, and other professionals. NSCA also offers members top-of-the-line networking opportunities and business resources.  

We met 50 NSCA members at the Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Florida to participate in one of our newest events, our Mission: Sports Care Charitable Workshop.

Magnovo believes that the best fun team building events should benefit the client and the community. Mission: Sports Care is designed to fill a void that many people don’t know about.

Fun team building with a purpose

America is a country of sports fanatics, but when there’s no money, there’s no game. Among the wealthy, youth sports participation is flourishing. Many of these parents fork over big bucks hoping their child will become “the next big thing” in football, baseball, basketball, or soccer.

But among middle and low-income families there’s been a steady decline in youth league sports participation. According to a recent study by the Aspen Institute these kids are being left out. The share of these children ages 6 to 12  who play a team sport on a regular basis declined from 41.5 percent in 2011 to 37 percent in 2017.

The 50 NSCA members  jumped at the chance to help some needy families and their kids fill this financial gap. So our  Mission: Sports Care workshop proved to be a bonanza for the Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay. Just in time for spring, these club members will enjoy:

  • 2 extra-large professional sports balls with shoulder straps
  • 4 sets of ball maintenance kits [with pumps, needles, and pressure gauges]
  • 6 rubber footballs
  • 6 soccer balls
  • 6 official MacGregor basketballs  
  • 6 playground balls  
  • 12 multi-color hula hoops
  • 12 foam balls
  • 12 folding frisbees
  • 12 7-foot jump ropes
  • 16 mesh drawstring bags
  • 24 referee whistles
  • 36  red-and-blue flag football belts and flags
  • 36 red-and-blue team vests  
  • 100 multi-color agility training cones

The only thing missing was ‘the partridge in a pear tree’! If we appear to be bragging,  it’s because we are! Our clients went all out to make sure these Tampa Bay kids understood how valuable they are  to the community. That’s what we call fun team building with a message! And the message came through loud and clear: “See all this stuff, kids? Well, you’re each worth the investment!”