Fun Team Building Activities for Work at Foulger-Pratt

Fun is Magnovo’s secret formula for team building activities for work. Fun is fundamental to employee engagement and community outreach. Our latest Mission: Kids Care workshop with Foulger-Pratt made this crystal clear.

Foulger-Pratt is a major player in the real estate investment and development industry. Established in 1963, their core values  are simple but profound:

  • treat people the way they want to be treated;
  • plan thoroughly and execute effectively to deliver a quality product;
  • constantly strive to learn and improve;
  • be accountable for their actions and hold others accountable;
  • maximize resources to manage risk and create profit for the benefit of stakeholders; and, last but not least,
  • strive to have fun!

Charitable team building activities for work

We met 200 Foulger-Pratt staffers at the Pooks Hill Marriott in Bethesda Maryland. There they divided into 33 teams to win gifts to donate to area kids. Our Mission: Kids Care workshop is all about kids and school.

We collect and donate school supplies for low-income children whose parents can’t afford the expense. Pens. Pencils. Calculators. Backpacks. Papers. Crayons. Markers. Notebooks. Erasers. These are items many of us take for granted. But to lots of poor families, they’re luxuries that are beyond their financial grasp.

Participation in workshops like our Missions: Kids Care can be humbling, enlightening, and emotionally rewarding. Every now and then, we need a reminder of our fortunate we are and what a privilege it is to give charitably.

Workshop teams vie to win items for their care packages. And during each fun activity, they learn to strategize, communicate, and compete as a team. Each year Foulger-Pratt employees donate hundreds of thousands of hours to community service projects. Our event was one of those team building activities for work ideas that suited everyone on their staff. A perfect fit.

Team building activities for work that make wishes real

We collected 100 items to donate to Make-A-Wish Mid AtlanticSince 1980 Make-A-Wish has eased the emotional burden of hundreds of critically ill children and their families. It’s estimated that every 34 minutes this amazing organization makes a wish comes true.

That’s 300,000 wishes fulfilled by 35,000 volunteers around the country. Each child yearned to have or go or meet or do something spectacular—a dream their parents couldn’t fulfill without a little help.

Make-A-Wish works miracles everyday and we were happy to partner with them to fulfill the wishes of dozens of students in the Bethesda Maryland area who need help with school supplies. Simple wishes are just as important as big ones. Magnovo and Foulger-Pratt were honored to make these wishes come true.