Fun Team Bonding Events at SAP America

SAP America built its legendary reputation on fun team bonding events such as our Bike-A-Thon. Like Magnovo, they understand that a company is only as strong as its team.

The company’s phenomenal success is a testimony to the value of team bonding. SAP [Systems, Applications, and Products] started in Germany in 1972. Five former IBM employees had a vision and launched into the deep. They started a small data processing company that is now the third largest software and programming company in the world.

SAP works with industry sectors including consumer, financial, process, and public service industries. As a global giant in enterprise software and technology, SAP operates regional offices in 180 countries and reported revenues in 2017 topping $23 billion.

Fun team bonding events can break the ice

SAP America execs asked Magnovo to help boost productivity by strengthening interpersonal relationships among employees. Charitable team building events like our Bike-A-Thon dramatically improve communication and collaboration between employees. Why? Because charity breaks social and political barriers.

When you focus on someone else’s needs, you gain a different perspective on everything—business goals and personal ambitions. When employees have fun, team bonding happens naturally.  Fun is fundamental at Magnovo! Everybody is included and everyone has a blast! That’s a top priority—and it works!

Fun team bonding events can be charitable

We met 45 SAP staffers at the Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon where they divided into teams and assembled 8 bikes. Even the friendliest “competition” can get your adrenaline going! And that’s what happened with these colleagues. They had to compete for the parts and tools to build each bike. And in the process, they learned how to collaborate and communicate efficiently to beat out the other teams.

In the end, everybody won. Because they knew the bikes would go to low-income kids in the Miami area for whom a new bike was a luxury they couldn’t afford.

Our 8 bikes were handed off to which runs a foster care program in Miami. Their mission as stated on their website is “To oversee and direct a coordinated system of care in order to deliver excellence to abused, abandoned, and neglected children and their families in Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties.”

That’s a challenging and honorable mission and we were glad to contribute to their efforts in a small way. This is the kind of result that makes fun team bonding events with companies like SAP America so worthwhile.