Friendsgiving and Holiday Team Building with Millennials


Friendsgiving and holiday team building are a combination made for Millennial employees!

The hive mentality of Millennials is the inspiration for their reinvention of Thanksgiving. For example, lots of Millennials are foodies. Instagram is crammed with shots of foods of all sorts, sizes, and savors, right?  

But what if you’re a lousy cook with no family nearby? You reinvent Thanksgiving and transform it into Friendsgiving. It’s the Millennial equivalent of a holiday staycation—but with lots and lots of food.

The idea of traveling endless hours in gridlocked traffic to be with family is strange to these young techno-dweebs. [Particularly since many of their relatives are strangers or just plain strange]. So with one magical tweet, Millennials create a family out of friends they actually like being around.

The economics of Friendsgiving

Unlike their parents’ generation, many are still single and childless so there’s no need to rush to grandma’s for the sake of the kiddies. Besides, in this current economy, travel is a luxury and pot- lucking your way to a feast with local friends is easier on the budget.

Millennials may not always have lots of dosh to spend, but they’re always willing to spend their time for a good cause. So the uber-savvy GenX executive will take the hint and turn a traditional office “Thanksgiving” glut-fest into a genuine giving opportunity. How? A charitable team building workshop!

Holiday team building for a cause

Even when Millennials purchase an item, they want it to be from a good corporate neighbor with a solid sustainability plan.  And remember: GoFundMe is a “go” because of these guys.

But if they can’t give their money, they are eager to give their time, energy, and talentsAnd this is where smart corporate bosses can benefit from their noble convictions.

Friendsgiving and charitable giving

Feasting with friends is fantastic. But with charitable giving, it’s not what you take in, it’s what you give away. A charitable team building workshop is a great way to celebrate the upcoming holidays with your Millennial staff. And we’ve got a couple of workshops that are right up their alley.


A Puttin Pantry workshop combines the fun of miniature golf with the donation of much-needed food. Participants break into teams and design and decorate a golf course out of non-perishable items—canned vegetables and fruit; boxed foods; bottled water and juice. The goofier the decorations the better.

Then after playing a round or 2 of miniature golf, the team with the lowest score and the wildest decoration wins. But the real winner will be the local food bank who receives all of the items we donate.

For a Millennial crew, we customize the Puttin Pantry to include the healthiest non-perishable foods available and select a food bank or other recipient to suit their socially responsible sensibilities.

Friendsgiving and holiday teambuilding on a mission

The one thing Millennials will splurge on is their pets! According to a recent report, 35 percent of the pooches and kitties in American households are owned by Millennials.

So just imagine how geeked your Millennial staffers would be if they could help another animal lover become a bonafide pet-parent. Our Happy Tails Workshop is the answer!

The items collected and packaged for donation run the gamut. From leashes and water bowls to brushes, beds, and chew toys. These pet-care packages reduce some of the costs that make some people reluctant to take the plunge. Like our 2-legged kids, our 4-legged fur babies are expensive. Our donations make a huge difference to families on a tight budget.

And because Millennials are passionate about their pets, they’ll totally relate to the idea of easing the economic issue in prospective pet owners’ minds.

Friendsgiving and holiday teambuilding is the blueprint to Millennial engagement!

Happy holidays!