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Four Benefits of Productive Team Building Activities

Productive team building activities can strengthen your workgroup’s effectiveness. Fun time spent practicing problem solving skills, communication and exploring the value of each individual team member is also a great opportunity to build strong bonds when facilitated properly. Organizing fun, relaxed team building exercises for your group can also increase productivity in your business.

Four Benefits of Productive Team Building Activities

Everyone is rewarded.

Productive team building activities clearly demonstrate the rewards for both the individual participants and the group as a whole. Although the context of these events promote fun, the results inspire a sense of personal and team achievement. As the group nears the completion of the assigned tasks, because of every members’ input, the team is proud to display their results.

Everyone is an equal contributor.

The hierarchy within an organization is often seen and felt during daily workplace interaction. For some workers, it may promote a sense of personal discouragement that they don’t have the same level of workplace “success”. However, in truly productive team building activities, each player is an equal contributor. Each individual must understand the goal of the exercise in order for the team to fulfill the objectives. One person’s strengths can be another person’s weakness. By working together, the team is able to witness the individual contributions of the team’s success.

Everyone communicates.

In order for the team to win the prize, each person must communicate. Because the context of the exercises are conducted in a fun atmosphere, this may prompt the more quiet employees to vocalize their contributions quickly. That alone makes productive team building activities successful because this relaxed, fun atmosphere allows a person to break down the walls that separate us in the work environment.

Everyone is motivated.

Four Benefits of Productive Team Building Activities
Many different elements can motivate a person who participates in productive team building activities. Maybe it is the excitement of winning a prize or the realization that other members of the team are listening to your ideas. Whatever the reason, this motivation and excitement connects people to each other. Connected teams are productive teams and will automatically deliver positive contributions to the work environment.

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