The Value of Having First Quarter Meetings

A new year means new beginnings and for many folks, a time to reflect and recommit to their priorities. Now that January is over and we are well into 2019, this is the perfect occasion for your organization to host a meeting. Seize the opportunity to meet with your colleagues, build relationships, and prepare to face the rest of the year energized and ready to work.

Build on Momentum

People already have a tendency toward looking at the start of a new year – whether that’s by a calendar, fiscal or other measurements – as a time to take stock and evaluate successes and failures while looking toward future goals. Harness that momentum by organizing a meeting to rally the troops. Here’s your chance as company leadership to spark enthusiasm and excitement for the rest of the year before a receptive audience.

Back to Basics

Sometimes, the roll-out of programs, services or other projects strays from the original plan for a variety of
reasons, from the availability of resources to training issues to external factors. This is the perfect opportunity to
call for a return to core values and reinforce how important it is for work to align with objectives and goals. Publicly
recommit to the training, communication, and support necessary for team members to carry out their roles and
fulfill their missions.

Communication is Key

The value of effective communication is often talked about, and an all-hands meeting is an excellent way to
actually show the team how much it matters. Walk the talk. Set a good example. Ensure your message is is clear,
direct, and inclusive. Encourage respectful dialogue and sincere listening. This is a good time to convey messages
about company mission, goals, objectives, and strategies for success this year while everyone’s in the same room
and hearing the same message at the same time.

All Hands on Deck

Showing up matters. When employees see that company management is as committed to the organization’s goals
as they are, it can be a powerful motivator; and the same works in reverse, too. The face-time of an actual inperson meeting can be far more effective than any message sent by interoffice mail or email; cultivate employee
trust and engagement by being present. Make recognition of employee and department milestones and
accomplishments part of the meeting; in some cases, this may be the only time of year that some departments get
to meet face-to-face.

Team Building

Strengthen connections among co-workers – within and across departments – by incorporating a team building
exercise into a first quarter meeting. Having everyone together is a good opportunity to grow creativity and
problem-solving skills while improving productivity, communication, and interpersonal skills. Reduce the effects of
“silo” thinking while building efficiency and improved resource- and information-sharing. While it’s impossible to
overhaul corporate culture in an afternoon, or even a day, establishing a Now is a natural time to reflect on the
previous year and prepare for the rest of the year. Use this time with your team, department, or organization to
find renewed purpose in your mission and goals, improve interpersonal relationships, and foster a stronger,
healthier corporate culture.