FedEx Engineers Try Their Hands at Wheelchairs

Our group from FedEx loves building things- it’s their job! But on this day for their charity workshop, it was something different: wheelchairs.


A group of FedEx employees from around the country met in Pittsburgh, PA for a Wheelcharity™ Charity workshop. From various departments including engineering, equipment, logistics and technology, they wanted to get to know each other better.

It’s a good thing, then, that all our workshops begin with the perfect exercise for that: ice breakers. They’re designed to get everyone warmed up to the notion of performing interactive challenges and collaborating on teamwork events. However, they also help everyone learn who’s who.

Meet People, Have Fun: FedEx Goals are Met with Wheelcharity™

The other goal of this group was to have fun, and of course to give to a charitable organization. Again, these goals are easily met. After ice breakers, we break into smaller groups and teams compete with one another in collaborative exercises designed to build cohesion and unity.

We did “Lost at Sea”, moved through a few other hands-on activities, then began the wheelchair build. Remember, this was a group of engineers from IT, equipment, and logistics departments. That meant the “engineering” of the wheelchairs was no problem for them! Teamwork was clearly something they had under their belts, too, so the workshop was a great success.

That’s good news, since this group came into it all with some apprehension. They’d had some negative experiences with team building workshops in the past, so they were hesitant coming in. Icebreakers melted the ice, and the fun challenges we sent their way took care of the rest.

Great Group, Great Hotel

Very often, we hold our charity workshops in rented hotel conference spaces. We always look forward to meeting our hotel contact there, and they’re always very helpful and accommodating. The FedEx workshop was held at the DoubleTree Inn at Green Tree.

When one of our wheelchairs went missing during shipping, the folks at the DoubleTree went out of their way to locate the missing chair. The found it in time for our event and saved the day. Thank you so much, DoubleTree!

Wheelchairs Help Those With MS and to an Assisted Living Facility

Both receiving organizations were on hand to pick up their wheelchairs after the event here in Pittsburgh. FedEx employees were proud to have helped out the community The charities appreciated the donations as well as the involvement from the company in their causes.