Fayetteville State University Sees The Big Picture When it Comes to Team Building in Fayetteville, NC

The folks at Fayetteville State University’s IT Department were a little hesitant to participate in Magnovo’s Big Picture™ team building program. After all, technology-oriented departments aren’t usually known for their creativity! But these 35 people really gave it their best effort and overcame their reservations to make something beautiful and meaningful, while improving their interpersonal skills.

Fayetteville State University Takes on The Big Picture™

The IT Department hosts an annual in-service training workshop for employees. This year, the emphasis was on camaraderie, networking, and creativity. What made this workshop unique is that it was a 2-day program carried out through a combination of team building activities and our special Big Picture™ art project.

The event kicked off with a day’s worth of programming dedicated to people, not technology. So, folks had the chance to explore personality types and how each person contributed something significant to the success of the group.

The second day was dedicated to putting those ideas into practice through art. A few ice-breaker activities got folks laughing and put them at ease with Magnifico, our specialized creative process. The group was divided into teams of five or six. Then each team had to compete for the items they needed for the project! Everyone enjoyed games like Dice Banking and Flip the Cup, and then the group moved on to painting.

IT Department Gets Creative in Fayetteville, NC

The Big Picture™ program is unique in that each person completes an individual component. The overall art project is divided into six sections. Each team gets one section. Each section is further divided into six parts, one for each team member to complete. It’s exciting to see each team’s section come together, and then the final art project come together.

Teams worked closely together. People were initially unsure about sharing their ideas but were able to overcome their fears and concerns. Participants worked very well together and were welcoming of each others’ ideas and suggestions. Even though some in the department were worried that their art wasn’t good enough, those concerns were allayed as soon as the pieces and sections came together. Murmurs of concerns slowly turned into ooh’s and ahh’s.

Seeing The Big Picture™ Clearly

People had a lot to share during the day-end debriefing. We talked about how even though each person’s part of the picture was small, individual parts were really essential to the big picture. Participants may not have seen how it would work out while they were doing it. But they trusted in the process. They learned a lot about teamwork, valuing differences, and sharing ideas in a safe environment. Having a tangible piece of art created by every member of the department was a powerful reminder of their hard work and progress.