Essex Property Corporation Team Bonding

In the City of Angels, we recently spent the day facilitating team bonding activities with some old friends. The Essex Property Corporation has earned a stellar reputation for quality apartment construction and the development of beautifully designed communities. They’re one of the biggest real estate developers on the West Coast; and philanthropically, they have one of the biggest hearts.

We’ve worked with Essex in the past, and they’re a very strong team with a healthy corporate culture. But they want to raise the bar even higher in their team bonding goals in order to become more dynamic industry leaders.

And there’s nothing more important to these change agents than giving back to the community. So they convened 90 members of their staff from all over California to meet the Magnovo team at the Hilton Woodland Hills, in Los Angeles. They were eager to participate in our Wagon Builders Team Building Workshop.

Before we could get started with the Essex contingent, we were bowled over by the Hilton Woodland Hills management. Our team had a rather short window of time in which to set up. When the hotel managers realized that we were in a bind, they rolled up their sleeves and helped us unload the wagons and gifts so that we’d be ready for our clients.

It was a hot day and the work was hard! Nevertheless, these managers pitched in without being asked, and they worked just as hard as our Magnovo team. And to top it off, the room they provided for the main event was simply fantastic! Their customer service was elevated to the level of genuine customer care, and it exceeded our wildest expectations!

Wagons roll with Essex

The Essex staffers were divided into teams to collaborate in what surely must have been one of the most gratifying team bonding experiences they’d ever had. They assembled 14 wagons which required communications and problem-solving skills. Then they “blinged out” each wagon with colorful and imaginative decorations. And for the piece de resistance they crammed each wagon full of toys, books, and games for hospitalized children, all of whom are gravely or terminally ill.

The wagons were distributed by the Ronald McDonald House of Pasadena. Melissa Malone, their Director Of Development, Events and Corporate Engagement, was delighted and grateful for each wagon. When she explained why these particular wagons were so special, the Essex staff fell into a stunned silence.

Each wagon would become a “chariot of love” for those patients who were able to leave their beds so that their parents could wheel them around the hospital. What a welcome diversion from the daily physical and emotional onslaught with which they have to cope every day! And the toys, games, and other gifts would be shared with the siblings of these sick babies.

Charity begins at home

As always the Essex team receive the emotional payoff that comes with Magnovo’s charitable team building events. But they also received a trophy for their artistry. Each member of the team with the most original and imaginative decorations won a trophy! So they left the event with their arms full, their hearts overflowing, and the company’s team bonding goals achieved.