DiSC Personality Training: The Secret Ingredient for Increased Sales

Want your revenue to grow? Then develop a strategy to grow your sales team! And the more you know about your team the easier it’ll be to help them grow professionally. DiSC personality training can help you get to know your sales team members individually. And the insights from DiSC will help you identify each person’s strengths and figure out how to shore up their weaknesses.

DiSC is an acronym of personality types: Dominance, Influential, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

All of us have personality traits that can be major assets to a team if those traits are valued and put to good use.

For example, your most Conscientious staffer may resist sudden changes in direction. However, given an assignment that suits his personality type, he may prove invaluable in keeping the whole team focused and grounded during the transition phase.

At Magnovo, DiSC personality training isn’t about showing people what’s wrong with them. It’s about embracing what’s right with them. Supervisors who understand DiSC personality types can help employees accept themselves as they are–their strengths and weaknesses. And their managers can work with them to become the best team players they can be!

A DiSC personality profile may reveal what makes your Dominant sales rep so productive and yet so prickly and overpowering to rest of the team. You’ll get a clearer picture of what makes her tick. And you can guide her in “tapering her temperament,” so to speak, by helping her recognize the shortcomings in her people skills and refine them.

Instead of putting people down, DiSC helps you lift them up through carefully structured self-awareness sensitivity training and strategic professional development.