Developing Teambuilding Qualities at Champion Laboratories

A strong commitment to developing teambuilding qualities makes Champion Laboratories an industry leader. Magnovo was honored to host a Bike-a-Thon Charity Workshop to help them fulfill that commitment.

Humble beginnings

They started out in 1936 in a Los Angeles garage. Today Champion Laboratories is nothing less than a champion among auto filter manufacturers in the United States and more recently in Shanghai China.

The family of brands includes Luber-finer hydraulic and coolant filters, lube/oil filters. PetroClear fuel dispenser filtration products. Champ oil filters, cabin air filters, and transmission filters

During a recent finance conference, they invited Magnovo to conduct a charitable teambuilding workshop in Evansville Indiana at the Bauerhaus Hotel.

Charitable teambuilding qualities

We worked with 25 staff members in developing teambuilding qualities, leadership skills, and communications skills. They implemented the training during the construction of 4 new bikes, each of which would be donated to a local charity.

And the choice of that charity was very intentional and full of kindness. We staged the workshop in Evansville Indiana, but the Champion Lab execs wanted the donation to benefit the county where their plant is located which is Edwards County Illinois.

So the logical choice for this community-minded, family-oriented company was The Guardian Center in Edwards County. They ’re a not-for-profit child advocacy center committed to “…the protection and healing of abused children and their families.”

Most victims are under 3 years old, and most of them know their abusers because they’re immediate or extended family members. Just think about this: every 10 seconds someone reports a case of child abuse in this country.  Child protective services receives referrals on 6.6.million children annually.

The Guardian Center is a haven and refuge for thousands of these victims in their community.

According to their 2016 annual report, “The Center provides advocacy, referrals, court assistance, specialized medical exams, multidisciplinary team staffing and training, and community education for children, parents, and others. All services begin after the child’s disclosure and continue until proceedings are finished, or the family no longer desires services.”

Teambuilding qualities make a difference

These facts and stats were very sobering for the whole group. It was a relief to know that our efforts would help some of these innocent children.   

It was an awesome and inspiring day. Our feedback assured us that we’d hit a home run. Everyone had a phenomenal time. The charity loved the new bikes. And our client met their goal of improving their teambuilding qualities.