How a Teddy Bear Workshop Can Speak Volumes to Millennials

Dental Health Group Goes to Town With Rescue Buddies Team Building

One sign of great teamwork in action is when employees from all different levels of a company can get together and shed their rank labels in order to work together towards a common goal – like Rescue Buddies Team Building.  Imagine that goal is having employees from a dental product company producing commercials for teddy bears!

Dental Health Group Goes to Town With Rescue Buddies Team BuildingWeek-long Conference Includes Charity Team Building Events Workshop

Employees including the vice president of Dental Health Products, Inc. were attending a week-long conference involving intense meetings and lots of speakers.  Needless to say, a Charity Team Building Events team building workshop was just the sort of activity they needed to break up the week!

Sure enough, this group arrived with extra energy, lots of excitement, and their own personal touch on what’s become a classic workshop here at Charity Team Building Events: Rescue Buddies.  This is a charity team building workshop which leads participants through a series of activities designed to improve their teamwork skills.  At the same time, they’re focused on a group goal: assembling Rescue Buddy teddy bears to donate to a local charitable organization.

The event starts out with ice breakers and then moves into activities which have teams solving clues together in order to earn parts for assembling their Rescue Buddies.  The problem-solving and group collaboration is where teamwork skill improvement gets worked in (on the sly!)  As always, assembling the charitable donations serves a bonding effect that builds camaraderie among participants and allows them to demonstrate the skills targeted in the workshop.

Dental Health Products, Inc. Goes the Extra Mile for Charity

All went well, and they finished very quickly.  They even provided goody bags that included dental supplies like tooth brushes, floss and toothpaste!  Then, as is typical of this workshop they did 30 second commercials based on the Buddies.  Two of the Vice Presidents assisted as judges and pretty much took over the event with their wit and humor.  The final judging was them making each team parade around one last time and then they decided on a winner.

The Rescue Buddy donations went to the client’s choice: the Ronald McDonald House in Green Bay.  Representatives came and talked about how these Buddies would go to the siblings that were staying at the Ronald McDonald House while their brother or sisters were battling life threatening diseases or serious injuries. Overall fun and tears were shared by all.