Davita Healthcare Partners Partners With Kids for Success

The best recipes for success always start with thorough preparation. That same formula applies to businesses as well as schoolkids. For kids, that means starting the school year off with all the necessary supplies. 

Project teams always do better when everyone is prepared and they have the right tools to do their jobs. Likewise, kids always do better in school when they’re prepared and they have the right supplies.

Back-to-School Supplies are Expensive!

Davita HealthcareUnfortunately, being properly prepared takes money, and not every family finds it easy to come up with extra cash every August to send their kids back to school with everything they need.

That’s why we created the Mission: Kids Care charity workshop. It brings business people together for a common cause: to build “care packages” for kids going back to school.

That means backpacks filled with pens, paper, and everything on the long list of items kid need to start the school year off right.

Davita Healthcare Partners Chose to Help Kids

By selecting the Mission: Kids Care charity team building workshop, Davita Healthcare Partners chose to invest in the future of the kids in Las Vegas. Recipients of the supply-filled backpacks were from the Boys and Girls Club of Henderson, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas.

Davita Also Chose Us to Facilitate their Giving Back

Our company has done many events with DaVita and our fame within the company continues to grow. It’s great to work with repeat customers because we can actually begin to build on what we’ve done in the past with the teams we meet.

This time, we did several icebreakers, followed by the “Backpack blindfolded scavenger hunt”, which is one of our new activities… and a total crowd pleaser!

Giving Back Takes the Form of 60 Backpacks for Kids

As always, the group from Davita put their best feet forward and worked great as a team. In the short time span of our workshop, they were able to complete 60 backpacks for the kids. And that was on top of fulfilling the fun teamwork goals we gave them as part of the day’s activities.

Thanks, Davita Healthcare Partners, for another successful workshop- and the Boys & Girls Club of Henderson thanks you too, for helping prepare their kids for success!

Finally, the M Resort was helpful with everything, and we were grateful for the lovely space they provided for our charity workshop with Davita Healthcare Partners.