Crowe Haworth

Crowe Howarth Evaluates Interns at our Bike-A-Thon Charity Workshop in Chicago, IL

This was a Bike-a-Thon with a twist. Our actual client was Crowe Howorth, a large public accounting company that was looking to select their next crop of interns during the workshop, but it was the huge group of college student that went through the paces. The interns didn’t know what was coming when they entered the workshop, but they breathed a collective sigh of relief when they saw that we’d set up the room with bike parts, tools, and assembly stations. We divided the teams up and assigned each one of them a manager from Crowe Howarth to assess their individual and group progress. With a crowd this big and so much on the line, you can bet that the excitement started running early.

Crowe HaworthCrowe Howarth’s Crop of Interns Comes in Hungry For Knowledge

The Bike-A-Thon segment of our workshop was important to the folks from Crowe Howarth, but they also wanted us to create an environment that would allow their monitors to observe the interactions and leadership on display during our other activities. Toward this end, we organized and staged these events in ways that would force the participants into the types of scenarios that Crowe Howarth wanted to observe.

Our approach paid clear dividends. There were a wide variety of interactions that the executives could profitably observe and consistent opportunities for leadership qualities to emerge among the individual team members. Most importantly, Crowe Howarth saw what they needed to see and the group was able to donate 50 brand new bicycles to a fantastic children’s organization there in Chicago.

The Interns Put in the Work and Chicago Youth Programs Took Home the Spoils

Crowe Howarth had chosen to donate the assembled bikes to a local charity called Chicago Youth Programs. Everyone agreed that this was an excellent choice– donating 50 brand new bicycles to an organization that coordinates, counsels, and supports children all over the city. This is one of the many benefits of our Charity Workshops in general– it’s much easier to get a group of very different personalities to come together as a team when they’re doing service to something bigger than themselves.

This ended up being a very satisfying workshop. After the ‘warm-up’ games, the teams began earning parts and actually assembling the bicycles. As the day progressed, it was clear to both us and the executives from Crowe Howarth that the participants had made remarkable strides in developing cooperative skills. And we left the workshop convinced that even the students who didn’t receive an internship would be better for the experience.