Creative Team Building and Millennial Values

Creative Team Building and Millennial Values

Got a millennial staff? You’ll need to devise some creative team building strategies in order to transform them from a random staff of individuals into a cohesive team.

Creative Team Building and Millennial Values

One hot button issue that is sure to spark their interest is social responsibility in the marketplace. Corporations that have charitable works built into their business models are more likely to appeal to the brightest and best of these young executives.

Creative brainstorms can spawn some pretty quirky ideas. For example, what do a can of niblet corn and a niblick golf club have in common? In the world of uber creative team building, they’re the inspiration for a charitable workshop call Puttin Pantry.

Over the past five years, golf has lost its appeal to millennials. In fact, a recent study reports that there are 200,000 fewer millennials playing the game than there were five years ago. Our workshop may rekindle their interest in the fairway by giving them a delightful way to have fun while stockpiling food items for their local food bank.

This amusing and creative team building exercise involves scavenging for clues and solving riddles that will win each team the dry goods they’ll need to customize their own mini golf course.

A maze of cereal boxes; a waterfall of candy bags; a sand trap of potato chips; a pyramid of canned peas–dry goods including everything from canned fruit and vegetables to snack items and paper products. They’ll become part of a whimsical mini golf course.

After you’ve completed your masterpiece, it’s tee time! Mano a mano, you and your crew will compete against other teams. Every score–no matter how small–will feel like a hole-in-one. Why? Because in the end the real winners will be a grateful local food bank which will distribute your bountiful donations to needy families in your community.

From problem solving skills and puzzle smarts to crafty design ingenuity and gaming techniques–each team member will have a platform on which to exhibit their strengths. And that’s what creative team building is all about. That’s the real endgame.

An afternoon of fun, a heap of heartfelt gifts, and a grateful family. What an ingenious strategy to build goodwill and emotional equity in your community, and strengthen personal and professional bonds within your company!

Every time your corporation makes room for and even rewards workers just for being human beings–not ambitious cutthroats; not one-upmanship masters–your bottom line expands. This is especially important to millennials.

They prize being valued as people every bit as much as they want professional validation. Our Puttin Pantry will appeal to their youthful sense of fun and to their deep commitment to giving back to the community.