Corporate Team Building Activities with Axis Communications

The best corporate team building activities benefit the community as well. Just ask Axis Communications and Project Smile about our Rescue Buddies workshop.

To ring in the new year, Axis Communications wanted to hit the inspirational reset button by reaching out to needy children in their community. And they knew Magnovo’s corporate team building activities are one-stop-workshops for neighborly goodwill and corporate team bonding. 

The essence of Axis

After a modest beginning in 1984, Axis Communications is now a global leader in the design and manufacture of network cameras video encoders and network video development audio systems. Their product line services numerous industries including healthcare, education, transportation, banking, government, retail, hotels, restaurants, and prisons.

Axis is also making a huge impact in the security industry with license plate and facial recognition, mobile, sound detection, expandable video surveillance software, and hardware solutions for small and large scale firms.

Fun: the secret ingredient

Magnovo met 60 Axis staffers at the Radisson Hotel and Suites in Chelmsford Massachusetts to conduct one of our favorite workshops. The popularity of our Rescue Buddies workshops is easy to understand. That’s because of the tremendous impact they have on children.

You see, our workshop attendees make stuffed animals for traumatized kids in need of emotional support. Police officers, firefighters, and other first responders stash the toys in their vehicles for handy access whenever they encounter one of these kids. The situations vary— housefires, domestic violence cases, and other family tragedies. Our Rescue Buddies console the hearts of many troubled kids.

The most effective corporate team building activities are fun for participants and blessings to community recipients. That describes our workshops to a tee. The 60 Axis staffers broke into smaller groups and competed for the items they’d need to assemble and stuff their toys. Bears, birds, mooses, turtles—each one made with love and safety in mind.

The assembly process required collaboration, coordination, and communication. And along the way, each employee learned how to become a valuable team player. But the ultimate reward is always the handoff to a charitable partner who’ll distribute the toys. In this case, we were privileged to work with Project Smile.

The heart of Project Smile

In 2003, founder Catherine Pisacane read an article about 3 little boys who’d been abused by foster parents. The article described one boy clutching a stuffed animal given by one of his rescuers—a police officer. He clung to the toy as if his life depended on it. That article inspired Pisacane to start Project Smile.

Today, Project Smile’s staff works tirelessly to bring comfort to hurting children in their community by donating toys, books, coloring books, and other items. They also help with shelter, clothing, and other needs among the poor.

Axis Communications, Project Smile, and Magnovo’s Rescue Buddies are living proof that great minds think alike! That’s what the best corporate team building activities are all about!